“Time and Tide wait for no man”

Give yourself TIME, but never stop working towards your goals.

People can mock the ‘Self-Help’, Live with Passion, sculpting your own life movement, BUT I believe it and I live it.

If you want something, DO it, create it, manifest it. We have to build the life we envision.

                          Claim it now & drop anyone or anything that keeps you from attaining it.


It’s a daily choice, never easy.


You’ve Already Failed at Keeping Your New Years Resolution & Here’s Why

We’re two months into the New Year and let’s be honest, the majority of us have predictably failed at keeping our resolutions. In my early twenties I was much more optimistic about making simple lifestyle changes, becoming outrageously successful and of course, losing weight. 

Topanga, Malibu, CA

We cling to this idea that right after Christmas the New Year will bring about dramatic changes in our lives. We chant positive affirmations, and the festive spirit of the holiday season allows us to live in this delusional happy state for a few weeks. Naturally, this optimism fades as the decorations come down and our mundane schedules pick back up. We quickly abandon the promises we’ve made to ourselves and here’s why.

 Most resolutions are impulsive

                Many of us make last minute resolutions on the first day of the year but they don’t come from a place of genuine concern or interest. They are impulsive or spontaneous decisions, and I’m sure you’re well aware of how hasty actions can quickly turn into awkward disasters. Yep, you’re right, it’s nearly impossible to stop smoking cold turkey, and it’s physically draining to work out every day when you’ve never exercised. So instead of reacting to this momentary impulse how about keeping it real with yourself in regard to your goals.Take it slow, layout a practical plan, and be kind to yourself for once. Accept this universal truth; we all fall off the wagon sometimes. 

 Resolutions or Abandonments? You decide.

At this point perhaps we should just change the word resolutions to abandonments, because that’s what most humans do. We inevitably abandon the promises we’ve made to ourselves.

You declare a newly found love for animals along with a hatred for factory farming. So the next step you take is a resolution to become a vegetarian in the new year. Two days later you’re chowing down on a juicy double cheeseburger at your favorite fast food joint. Swift abandonment. Indeed, we are the sum of our routines and these habits are hard to break. Is it negative to assume before you begin that you will fail? Perhaps, but it’s even more depressing and unhealthy to pretend we’re able to immediately stop or begin a new behavior effortlessly.

If we’re being honest with ourselves and wish to live an authentic life, the best solution would be to release this idea of resolutions and accept a new tradition of abandonments. Focused on leaving things behind, like our awkward obsession with Donald Trump and Kylie Jenner’s lips. Kidding. But, of course there are certain things we all wish to leave in 2015… is your list realistically achievable?

Not to be a negative Nancy, but more than likely you’ve already failed at keeping or completing your resolutions for many years. Am I wrong? However, in the process you’ve probably discovered how pointless resolutions are to proclaim in the first place.

Many self-help gurus may disagree, suggesting that we should focus on the positive progress we make, but there’s nothing wrong with embracing failure and being mindful of the things we’ll realistically abandon.

 I’m in no way suggesting that you won’t conquer your fears this year, or become extremely fit and land a fantastic job. Eventually, your hard work and consistency will be equivalent to your reward. We all have a set of goals we’re working towards, and I commend the passionate pursuit of happiness. I’m simply recommending that we acknowledge our silly unrealistic expectations for what they are and try becoming less impulsive with our goals. 

This year, Don’t make resolutions,  Make sincere commitments.

Take the time that you NEED and commit oneself to something completely. In the words of the great Jedi Master…


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” 


                                     The Empire Strikes Back

The Traveler Is You


We think sometimes that the deepest secrets of life can only be uncovered in a monastery – can only be found at the end of a long and difficult journey to a land somewhere near the roof of the world. We don’t even dare hope that we will be one of the lucky ones who finds the true master to teach us a true path to follow. It seems too impossible. We think sometimes that the greatest adventure, the most meaningful quest can only be found by someone not bound by an ordinary life. That we must be free of family and job, with our backpack ready, and a ticket to some exotic destination promising possibilities….

But the truth is that seekers come in all shapes and sizes, living all kinds of lives. The truth is there is a power in each of us, a power that goes largely untapped and unrecognized, hidden even from our own selves. The truth is that we don’t have to go anywhere, there are no tickets to buy, no bags to pack.

But you do have to be ready to travel. The truth is that the quest exists, the journey is real.

The traveler is you.

– Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu. 

3 Tips To Abandon Your Control-Freak Tendencies

You know those random, uncontrollable moments that cause you to immediately panic or feel completely lost?

For instance, when you receive an unexpected phone call from an ex, or you run into an old high school friend you’d seriously like to avoid.

We’ve all been there. You think, “Why me!” You freeze, wide-eyed, confused, somewhat composed on the outside, but panicking on the inside.


Even if you’re alone, you quickly look around as if to ask someone else, “Fight or flight?” That’s life. Sometimes, unexplainable weird or arduous events just happen.

You catch your girlfriend cheating. You’re on your way to work and have a wreck. You just bought your favorite coffee, then you bump into a stranger and it knocks straight out of your hands.

You’re suddenly fired from your dream job, a position you’ve held for seven years. Or, in the extreme case, your mom calls you to let you know a close family member passed away.

Depending on your individual personality and coping skills, a small occurrence, like a spilled coffee or a fender bender can feel just as distressing as receiving the worst phone call of your life from your mother.

Recently, I experienced a high-anxiety moment, but one I found to be much more upsetting than the usual, everyday life mishap.

While sitting in the doctor’s office for my yearly check-up, the nurse walked in too calmly and far too casually to inform me, “You’re four weeks pregnant.”

And, just like that, my life changed. An unplanned pregnancy? Okay, it happens. I can do this.

However, the overwhelmed control freak in me immediately began to dissect my career, my future, my boyfriend, my body, what our families would think, and whether this one moment would shift my entire life plan.

Read the rest of my article published here : http://elitedaily.com/life/ways-relinquishing-control/970227/