Authentic LOVE: Connected: Los Angeles

Rosalie Bardo spent a day reaching out to a few locals in Los Angeles, California. Wandering from Hollywood and Highland to the Valley, asking them all one simple question.

What is Authentic Love?

“Often the simplest things are the most powerful. We are all CONNECTED and I genuinely believe we should never stop absorbing knowledge from those around us. Observe: Gain from another’s experience. We all have something unique to share, so go out and engage the world with compassion, patience and generosity.” -Rosalie Bardo

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Connected: The People of Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Rosalie Bardo spent a day authentically embracing the locals of Venice Beach, California.

Perspective: If you could give one piece of advice to the world, what would it be?

“Often the simplest things are the most powerful. We are all CONNECTED and I genuinely believe we should never stop absorbing knowledge from those around us. Observe: Gain from another’s experience. We all have something unique to share, so go out and engage the world with compassion, patience and generosity.” -Rosalie Bardo

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The Locust Effect

The Locust Effect

Imagine what life would be like if you woke up every single day afraid to go to school or afraid to walk to your local grocery store. Afraid to share your story with local authorities because you knew your voice would not be heard. 

Imagine what life would be like if you had NOTHING shielding you from violence.

“While the world has made encouraging strides in the fight against global poverty, there is a hidden crisis silently undermining our best efforts to help the poor….

…It is a plague of everyday VIOLENCE.”

I was honored to be given a chance to read an advance copy of ‘The Locust Effect‘ written by Gary Haugen, CEO of the International Justice Mission ( I’d like to share with you a few notes about the book and how we all can TAKE ACTION to positively impact those suffering from violence and poverty.

The Locust Effect

Everyday thousands of people around the world work for humanitarian organizations invested in helping those in need, ending poverty and spreading awareness for Universal Human Rights. Many of these organizations solely focus on water aid, food aid, disease prevention, shelter, and education; unintentionally avoiding the underlying CORE issue(VIOLENCE) that strongly dictates the overall impact or efforts of their work in ending poverty.

There are many devastating things happening all over the world at any given time, but this book genuinely emphasizes how important everyday basic safety truly is in order to lead any sort of a productive life. 

For example, we may be able to build a school in the developing world to give the opportunity for a substantial education, but of what use is this school if young girls are traumatized and afraid to walk there every morning due to the fear of rape or abduction? They inevitably do not receive a formal education, nor do they receive necessary assistance or protection from local law enforcement in order for them to flourish and make steady progress.    

The core argument of The Locust Effect is that the direct solution to violence against the poor is law enforcement.

How can a society restrain violence if it only addresses the exacerbating factors in the absence of a functioning justice system? The Locust Effect lifts the veil on common forms of violence against the poor in the developing world(Corrupt police officers, forced labor, rape, murder) and sheds light on the lives of the 4 billion who live outside of the law’s protection.

This book is painful to read, but worth every heartbreaking minute. There are many detailed personal accounts of devastating violence against families and individuals who have no honest or effective way of protecting themselves. Nonetheless, it’s an enlightening and necessary read pertaining to universal human rights for those interested in making a lasting and positive global impact.

In order for there to be successful unified progress in ending global poverty, we must first address the underlying core issue of violence and the brokenness of developing world justice systems.

Violence and abuse may often be hidden, however we can no longer deny or turn a blind eye to it’s powerful negative impact on the world’s poor.

The Locust Effect will effortlessly inspire you and lead YOU to TAKE ACTION.

This book can be used as a tool for knowledge and motivation. It will forever change the way you view those living in poverty, and leave you with the hope that we CAN and WILL create safer environments for the poor to be given the equal opportunity to thrive!

In 2015 there will still be around 883 million people living in extreme poverty.

IJM is wholeheartedly invested in fighting to help those who have been taken advantage of(without financial means to protect themselves).

Please assist IJM and Be A Voice for those with No Voice.

Buy The Locust Effect February 2-8 and for every copy sold in the U.S., a generous donor will give $20 to IJM*. (*up to $40,000 – enough to cover the cost of 8 rescue operations.)

Visit to Learn more and to Get Involved!

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*All author royalties from your purchase of this book will help fight violence against the poor*

Food For Thought: Communication



Many people will tell you they don’t discuss politics or religion, claiming it’s ‘personal’ or unproductive. However, they will carelessly discuss random relationships, their hair, what they ate for dinner 2 weeks ago, the color of the socks they have on, what they wear to bed every night… along with other void filling nonsense. But once any subject or topic that resonates as uncomfortable is brought up, they RUN.

The problem isn’t that it’s personal, the core issue is COMMUNICATION. Or the inability to communicate. The FEAR of confrontation, rejection, misunderstanding, or simply because they are unable to openly express why they believe, follow, or feel a certain way.

Lack of constructive communication skills causes severe emotional, physical and mental destruction; not just in America, globally. We should all be able to openly communicate with tact and vulnerability, without hesitation, but with tolerance and acceptance. While also possessing the ability to LISTEN, to fully absorb a response, without misinterpretation. THOUGHTFULLY; in consideration for the other person’s feelings and persepctive.

Our society is in desperate need of a vocal awakening. Rather than avoiding matters of substance, we need to accept sharing and spreading our voices for the common good. We must start with teaching our Children how to communicate with their classmates and friends; openly and calmly expressing as well as receiving information. If not in school, then it is our responsibility to future generations to implement vulnerable open communication at home. It starts with YOU. Don’t just tell your child to SPEAK, show them how to positively communicate. Express your affection, doubts, concern, and praise without any avoidance, but with love and sincerity. Encourage your children to express themselves authentically, to embrace new information and to openly discuss their curiosities.

There are far too many adults who are unable to communicate, discuss ideas or express emotions effectively. This is a poor refelction on our culture and we CAN DO BETTER. One must put forth more effort into helping each other accept vulnerability and in finding the courage to use our voices.

Technological advances have made it too easy for all of us to avoid healthy constructive conversations. With picture apps, texting, social networks, slang and shorthand, our face to face communication skills are becoming nonexistent.

We’re all guilty of not receiving information well at times and becoming offended, being defensive, critical or completely misunderstanding someone. Again, we are then unable to respond thoughtfully and calmly, because we didn’t learn how to clearly communicate or express thought and emotion.

We simply don’t understand one another. We judge, blame, criticize, doubt and are then fearful of all that we can’t fathom or comprehend. This creates great divide among different cultures, in relationships(business &family), and all stems from lack of honest and authentic communication.

Ultimately, this miscommunication leads to extreme emotional distress, hate, discrimination, and ethnocentric attitudes(Crimes-Wars-etc.). The inability to communicate leads to many more problems on a daily basis than we even realize or choose to acknoweldge.

So take this as Food For Thought: Be receptive, open, vulnerable and take the time to authentically express yourself. Listen. Agree to disagree, but please, face life head on, don’t avoid conversation.

Be Courageous. Discuss your ideas, fears, goals, emotions and perspective; someone will be there to listen.


Thoughts are my own, Sincerely, Rosalie Bardo

An Uncharted Path

THE CHARGED LIFE, the truly lived life, is not a routine existence in some quaint, picturesque village of safety and certainty. No, the life worth living is out there, in the wooded wilds of the unknown, on the craggy battlefields that test our wits and wills in the daily fights with our own demons.

It is found during the long onward slog through the storms and strife, when we hear only the whispers and taunts of foes and opponents stronger than we, on the ground where we are knocked sprawling and forced to face our own weaknesses, and on the mountaintops that we reach only because we pitted our every ounce of virtue, strength, character, and courage to keep climbing no matter the slings and arrows flung at our backs or the barriers thrown up before us.


It is only in the herculean quest for something more that life fills us with wisdom and meaning, but only after we have paid with our sweat and, at times, our tears.

It is in the marching on when we are tired and weak and fearful, and in the camaraderie of those fellow warriors we have striven with—our brothers and sisters and family and friends who cheered us on and toiled with us despite the messiness and apparent madness of it all.

It is out there on the path less traveled, an uncharted path chosen by each of us alone, an often meandering, overgrown path that leads only to another unpaved road or open field of opportunity, where we must strike out once more with the same hope for victory and transcendence.

It is out there when we have the guts to stand naked before the world as who we truly are, when we peer into the souls of those around us and finally see in them the image of the divine, that we plunge ourselves bravely and unconditionally into love that has no bottom or boundary.

It is out there, outside the confines of our comforts and the pleasures of our accumulations, beyond our architecture of the routine, that we slip the bonds of our limiting beliefs, soar magnificently above our own shortcomings, and express our highest selves.

It is out there, in a world rich with choice and challenge and fear and freedom, that your greatest gifts and adventures await you. Listen. It is out there that destiny calls. Be bold and ready yourself. It is time to charge once again.

From the book THE CHARGE by Brendon Burchard


Sophrosyne : Everything in Moderation.   

  In Thessalian religious beliefs, Sophrosyne is a Greek goddess.  She is the spirit of moderation, self control, temperance, restraint, and discretion. She is believed to be one of the good spirits that escaped Pandora’s box and fled to Olympus.  As a social ideal, the Ancient Greeks upheld the practice of sophrosyne, which means prudence and moderation but ultimately its complex meaning, so important to the ancients, is very difficult to convey in English.

It is perhaps best expressed by the two most famous sayings of the Oracle of Delphi:

“Nothing in excess” and “Know thyself”


Passion Portrait #BeSomebody

ROXIE and ROSALIE BARDO are in… #besomebody.

Roxie Bardo and Rosalie Bardo have always shaken their heads at the status quo. “Ordinary” has never been interesting. “Expected” is where Passion went to die. Growing up in a small southern town, they wanted to free themselves from the familiar, and chase their craziest dreams… Now, taking on the Entertainment business and spearheading philanthropic platforms, they are paving a Path and a Purpose that’s growing bigger every day. Rosalie’s four children’s books will be hitting the shelves next year, and Roxie’s debut EP – which earned her a nomination as female vocalist of the year for the 23rd annual LA Music Awards – is now available on iTunes.

Check out their Passion Portrait here: #besomebody.

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#Besomebody is the fastest growing Motivational Movement in the world. Their Passion Portraits showcase people across the world who embody the #besomebody lifestyle by living their passion, building their dreams, and inspiring others along the way.

Join Rosalie at the Dogs For The Deaf HollyWOOF Event!

Join Rosalie at the Dogs For The Deaf HollyWOOF Event!

Rescuing and professionally training dogs to assist people, enhance lives & provide greater independence is what Dogs for the Deaf is all about.

Dogs for the Deaf rescues dogs from animal shelters throughout the western United States. After professional training at our southern Oregon facility, the dogs are placed with…
•People with a variety of disabilities and challenges including: hearing loss, deafness, and children on the autism spectrum.
•Full-time professionals (teachers, physicians, counselors, and licensed therapists) who work with people with various disabilities and challenges.

Join Dogs for the Deaf, along with some very special guests, at the Wilshire Country Club Oct. 27th, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, for an evening of hor d’oeuvres, refreshments, cocktails, and entertainment.

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Guests include Betty White, Elaine Hendrix, Lea Thompson, Ryan Lane, Kristin Bauer, Abri Van Straten, Stephanie Nogueras, David Faustino, Stephen Sorrentino, Stephanie Carpentieri, Joanna Krupa, Daniel Logan, Anderson Davis, Rosie Donovan, Randall, Roxie Bardo, Rosalie Bardo.


“TO BE HOPEFUL in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, and kindness.

What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places—and there are so many—where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction. And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future.

The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” 

— Howard Zinn 

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day

Today, August 19, is World Humanitarian Day!

It is the beginning of a month long, first of its kind project – to TURN WORDS INTO AID.

Sponsor a word and turn your VOICE into funds that will help millions of people worldwide affected by disasters.

“On this day in 2003, 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. It’s a day to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to celebrate the spirit of people helping people that motivates this work. This year the World Humanitarian Day project is a month-long campaign of events around the world to raise much-needed funds to continue the effort to help others.”

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